Profil Management Limited  is proud to be in partnership with Ghita Benkirane.

Ghita has a diverse background initially in the food industry and then Marketing and Quality Management in England, France, Mauritius and Morocco.  She has then gone onto a career in International Consulting for the World Bank, UNDP, UNIDO, European Union and ISO (International Standardization Organization).  Ghita continues to promote change globally through her work on Quality Management Systems and Policies in the South-East and Africa.

Ghita is the originator of the AFNOR group in Morocco which led to her recognition as one of the “100 Women who make Morocco move” in 2005. She was also a Third Party Auditor for ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards, as an EFQM Assessor and a Trainer of Trainers for Third Party Auditing.

Ghita’s own company, Art&Management, was founded in 2008 in Sophia-Antipolis (South-East of France). She promotes the Aesthetics of Management concept to aid small and large organizations in their Change Management processes. Her  Executive Master’s Degree – Consulting & Coaching for Change in HEC was completed at Oxford Business School.

At present, Ghita leads several international seminars and workshops in Quality Management and Change Management.  Using Arts and Sensory tools, she coaches groups and executives to consider the Human Factor within their traditional Management Systems in order to improve performance and team cohesion.  Her multicultural background means that she has a better understanding of cultural differences and, through the artistic approach, she an innovative coaching method that uses an ‘outside the box’ approach.  This is a powerful tool to help individuals  and organizations to implement positive and sustainable change.  Sophia-Antipolis is now an international technology park with many innovative and artistic projects.

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