“Find a job that you love and you will never work another day in your life.” – Confucius

Members of PWN Nice,(Professional Women’s Network) Cote D’Azur  attended a learning lunch in Nice, presented by Vanessa Jarrett, Career Coach and Leadership Trainer.

PWN is a valuable network that supports professional women around the globe and those in attendance varied from business leaders; business owners; entrepreneurs and corporate employees.

Many PWN members attending had already made huge changes in their careers and were following different career pathways than originally started, now living their dream jobs and in their dream location. Recognising the need for change and taking appropriate action is commendable and the session confirmed for some that they had truly aligned their needs, interests and career. For others, it helped to reflect and challenge their thinking.

Research suggests that a high percentage of people are unhappy in their careers; feel they have made the wrong decision or do not feel challenged. Spending time to reveal our interests, needs, skills and motivators and how they align with our careers can help us determine if there is value in changing something or pursuing a different direction.

The New Year is approaching and no better time now than to take a real ‘stock take’ and build your vision for 2018.


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